Hello I'm Clément Wacrenier

Sound engineer


This is what I do


Since 2018 I have been working in dubbing, especially for video games. The voice has no more secrets for me!

Sound editing

Sound editing for short films or for institutional films, I am here.


Mixing does not scare me, I am currently looking to develop this technique.

Sound design

Wooshes are my second language!


Dante Certification Level 1 and 2. 2020

Intermediate level of the Dante Certification program. Know how to set up a Dante network with compatible hardware and make the appropriate settings for clock, routing and latency.

Two years Master’s Degree specialising in Digital Image and Sound Effects, majoring in Sound - DREAM, Développement Recherche enseignement en audiovisuel et Multimédia, Université de Valenciennes et du Hainaut-Cambrésis, Valenciennes, France. 2016/2018

During the first year of my Master's degree, I was able to develop my skills in sound throught various projects. On a short film for example I was sound engineer while filming and I was also sound editor/mixer. This projects taught me a great deal about filming, recording and post-production.

Professionnal Degree, Communication Techniques applied to multimedia and television - Institut Universitaire Technologique, Université de Lorraine, Saint-Dié-des-Vosges, France. 2015/2016

During this Professionnal Degree in audiovisual communication I confirmed my video editing and sound processing skills. Moreover, I discovered the art of studio photography and how to conduct an interview. Particularly during the "Festival International de Geographie" (FIG) at Saint-Die-des-Vosges. A three-days marathon, conducting interviews and making report about the festival and the people (Georges Pernoud, Daniel Keller...).

Two-year University Degree in Technology, Multimedia and Internet - Institut Universitaire Technologique, Université de Lorraine, Saint-Dié-des-Vosges, France. 2013/2015

During my two-year University Degree in Technology, I acquired skills in media, computer graphics and web programming. Prefering sound and image my supervised project focused on that. This project was a documentary series on traditionnal craft in the Lorraine region: blacksmith, lute maker, "Imagerie d'Epinal". I had the roles of sound engineer and a video editors.

High School Diploma, specialising in Engineering - Lycée technique Georges Baumont, Saint-Dié-des-Vosges, France. 2010/2013


Recording and post-production - video game localization

Keywords Studios France

2018 to today

Intermittent du spectacle following the internship at La Marque Rose. The tasks remain the same but with greater responsibility and decision-making whether during recordings or in post-production with a dialogue of trust between my colleagues, directors, sound operators or directly with the clients.

Recording and post-production - video game localization

La Marque Rose a Keywords Studio


Six-month internship within the audio team during which I discovered the world of video game localization.

VR* production content and Sound Design.

Alcatel / TCL Communication


Internship during four months in Innovation and User Experience Team - Alcatel - China
I produced the official sound track for the introduction video. I produced a VR video portrait and contributed to various projects. Finaly I created some sound content such as sound track for a timelapse, sound effects and sound mixing. *VR: Virtual Reality.

Audio production.

Groupe Tertio


Four months internship in Audio Production Department.
My main task was to create advertising for companies in the region to broadcast on radio. I created commercials and jingles for events and new radio programs for different radios: Cannes Radio, Cerrise FM and Radio Dreyeckland.

Volunteer Work.

Drop’ N Rock (music festival)



Throught out my studies, I have acquired various skills including recording, mixing, editing sound, sound design and and the use of different audio workflow software.

Pro Tools


Ableton Live




Recording voices






Sound design


The sound, the video and the computer graphics being important elements of my studies, here is some of my work.

First preview of the VR video produced and mixed for Alcatel / TCL Communication. Video broadcast on all phones of the brand Alcatel.


Second preview of the video VR produced and mixed for Alcatel / TCL Communication. Video broadcast on all phones of the brand Alcatel.

When do we start?

I am available for all kinds of projects.

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